Touring Kennedys

The touring exhibition THE KENNEDYS is a modular system of self-contained themes. These can flexibly be accommodated to different exhibition spaces. The basic package includes a deep overview on the history of the Kennedy family. It can be complemented by further themes (e.g. »Political Campaigns,« »John F. Kennedy’s Visit to Berlin,« »The Famous Kennedy Myth«). THE KENNEDYS exhibition was designed by CAMERA WORK AG as an international touring museum providing maximum service for the borrowing institution. Therefore, the leasing agreement contains a comprehensive service package—a unique offer in the world of touring exhibitions.

Target Groups

The touring exhibition THE KENNEDYS offers the borrower multiple essential connecting factors for many generations of visitors: contemporary witnesses go on a journey through the eventful 1960s, school classes experience the start of the media age up-close and develop an understanding for the power of images. Art lovers are delighted by vintage photographs by icons such as Yousuf Karsh, Mark Shaw, and Jacques Lowe. The timelessly stylish presidential couple makes fashion fans’ hearts jump for joy. Historically interested visitors are enthusiastic about rare documents—precious memorabilia such as John F. Kennedy’s briefcase, which accompanied him throughout his life, let the »Royal Family« of the USA become more available. This diverse insight into the old America offers a stage for readings, panel discussions, and workshops to profitably promote the perception of the exhibition.

Exhibition Themes
Family History: from Ireland to the U.S.
The Power of the Image

John F. Kennedy’s Political Career

Second World War
Cold War

Building of the Berlin Wall

Cuba Crises

Royal Family of the U.S.


The Assassination: the End of the Age of Innocence



The Kennedy Myth


Political Campaigns

VirtuAL Tour


Rent per Week in € net € 1,250 net
Shipping in € net Only with a certified art shipper—to be covered by borrower
Transport (one-way)           

to be covered by borrower 

Exhibition Insurance to be covered by borrower—costs on request
Exhibition Set-up                                            
to be taken care of by borrower
Set-up Area 100 to 150 m² (Basic Package), 400 m² (Basic Package + 3 Special Themes)
Delivery 94 x 91 x 47 cm; 84 x 111 x 156 cm (transport cases)
Additional Storage Space 94 x 91 x 47 cm; 84 x 111 x 156 cm (transport cases)
Minimum Duration 12 weeks
Maximum Duration
on request
Kosten für 12 Wochen 
€ 15,000 net (rent per week), except for transport, insurance, and set-up

Climatic Conditions Relative humidity 50% at 20°C
60 lux maximum at 0% UV light
Security Alarmed premises (closing time), security guards (during opening hours)

Services Included   

  • Provision of captions in German/English
  • Construction of an individual gallery plan (how the photographs should be hung)
  • Curatorial advising
  • Selection of photos to promote the exhibition

Details on Transport and Installation

Transport Certified art shipper
Additional Storage Space 94 x 91 x 47 cm; 84 x 111 x 156 cm (Maße Transportkisten)
Installation and Removal To be covered by borrower
Showcases 10 lockable showcases at minimum (depends on size of showcases)
Security further assurance measures on request

Accompanying Program and Material

Catalogue Provision of setting copy (34 pages), language German/English, accommodations for further languages possible—to be provided by borrower
Public Relations A selection of press photos can be provided by the lender.
Film Footage (optional)     »JFK in Berlin« film: optional—to be paid by borrower (ca. 20 minutes, German/English with English subtitles), utilization review by copyright holder rbb (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg), mediation via lender

Further Information


Contact: Ms. Alina Heinze
Kantstraße 149
10623 Berlin

+49 (0)30 31 00 77 73

All statements without warranty.