Since »THE KENNEDYS« closed its doors in Berlin to tour the world, our education program is currently not available.


The Museum THE KENNEDYS offers intimate insights into the story of the Kennedy family, which, as Irish-Catholic immigrants with high aspirations, epitomized and exemplified the »American Dream.« The museum also focuses on John F. Kennedy’s campaign and President Kennedy’s visit to Germany at the height of the Cold War, as well as the myth surrounding John F. Kennedy.


A visit to the museum conveys American history and culture while providing a space for the discussion of the place that holds the Kennedys in international cultural memory. The museum invites engagement with an American identity that was subject to rapid change through the social upheaval of the 1960s. A focal point is the role of the media, which John F. Kennedy knew how to use to his advantage. From this media savviness grew the myth that surrounded John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert, which cast them as symbols of hope in a new spirit of optimism during the 1960s.


For a more in-depth understanding of our topics, we suggest participating in a guided tour in German or English. We are happy to provide topical tours as well (e.g. U.S. elections in the past and present or the Kennedys and the Civil Rights Movement).


Additionally, we offer students the opportunity to give guided tours themselves as an extracurricular activity. Engaging, 20-minute presentations highlight selected exhibits and topics in our weekly »Students for THE KENNEDYS« program.


We offer a reduced fee for group tours. Students pay a reduced admission fee, and teachers accompanying their students are exempt. In an exhibition space of more than 500 m², the Museum displays over 400 exhibits from Kennedy’s private and political life. Located in the city center, the museum is air-conditioned and handicap-accessible.


Contact: Alina Heinze – tours(at)